Hellevoetsluis,surroundings and South Holland

The islands of South Holland are located in one of the most dynamic areas in all of the Netherlands. Due to the close proximity to the world trade port of Rotterdam and to the coastline, the area offers plenty athletic and cultural opportunities. Nature, landscapes and historical towns offer many possibilities for any visitor.

Water and beach
Water, beaches, dunes, forests and polders. Tranquility and space in an area of historical towns and distinctive villages. Fans of aquatic sports and beach lovers will find  the island of Voorne-Putten most forthcoming. The many distinctive types of beaches create a unique coastline with many different characteristics; a place where beach lovers can truly indulge themselves. The beaches of Voorne stretch about ten miles from the Haringvliet to the Nieuwe Waterweg.
The sea and lakes are ideal for practicing aquatic sports such as surfing, waterskiing, rowing and sailing.
It is even possible to engage in scuba diving. The 40 meter deep Oostvoornse Meer is equipped with facilities especially for such an occasion.

On Voorne-Putten and Goeree-Overflakkee you will find a great variety in specially charted hiking routes in all shapes and sizes. Among them you’ll find several set in the dunes, in the recreation areas and the sites maintained by the State Forest Management. The Voornepath, Bernissepath, Estatespath, Biertpath and Puttenpath are medium-long hikes on Voorne-Putten. A pair of longer hikes cut across the island of Goeree-Overflakkee: the Shorewalkerpath and the Deltapath.

The Islands are not very large and are consequentially ideal to explore by bicycle. Spread across the entire region you’ll find cycle routes based around the bicycle hub network. The routes will take you across the cycle paths, winding roads and peaceful dykes. The recently opened MTB course along the Oostvoornse Meer offers a more sportive challenge.

The culture aficionados can indulge themselves in the old fortress towns of Brielle and Hellevoetsluis, where they will find opportunities to relive the past through a walk along the old buildings and fortifications. The dry-dock “Jan Blanken” is the oldest operational dry-dock in the country. In the Historical Museum of Den Briel, the Firefighter museum in Hellevoetsluis, the Dune cottage museum between Oostvoorne and Rockanje, with beautifully restored dune farmhouses, you will find an authentic image of life and labour in the region around the 19th century. In the regional museum of Sommelsdijk you can experience the history of an island in the Dutch river delta. Hidden deep within the dunes you can find a fully furbished Second World War bunker.
Particularly noteworthy is the cosy museum “In den Halven Maen” in Tinte. Here you will find exhibitions of antique spice collections and hats.
On Voorne-Putten you’ll find dozens of art galleries, most of which are located in Brielle.
On the Maasvlakte you’ll find the “Futureland” information centre. From here you can witness how hoppers are aiding in the reclamation of new land from the sea; the land of the future.  

The larger municipalities feature expansive shopping centres and malls. In particular Middelharnis, Brielle, Hellevoetsluis and Spijkenisse.

For more information: http://www.zuid-hollandse-eilanden.nl